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The summer holidays are here!  My favourite time of the year; when we are full to the brim at Little Winnick, and I get to have our girls at home for the whole summer. I am going to bring you a series of blogs that look at things that will not break the bank but that will also keep everyone entertained.
This weekend we welcome a much longed for Bank Holiday and it might, just maybe, even be sunny!  We are excited as our family and friends come to stay for the weekend, and many guests arrive at Little Winnick – the fridge is full and the drinks are already on ice so what does a good bank holiday mean for you?
Any regular blog readers will know I have a soft spot for Heligan.  It is our local garden and we work closely supporting them.  But today it reminded me while I love it so much. Myself, my reluctant colleague Bethany, (3) and Anna (6 months) headed there this morning…
cornish gardens
The day finally arrived and we celebrated Rich’s birthday, for which I am sure he won’t thank me for broadcasting but we have been building up to it all year.  You see, Richard had said he would like a few nights away and kept dropping hints about The Scilly’s and various other places but with babysitters willing to have 3 children under 5 in short supply – so I hatched another cunning plan…