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Where is Little Winnick?  To help you get to know the area around us the next few blogs will let you in on our favourite places just a stones throw from Little Winnick. So, let’s start with our nearest village – we are located on the edge of Pentewan, a pretty,  sleepy fishing harbour.
Howdy Campers, I feel very self-indulgent; let me set the scene for you, any parent, especially those with toddlers will know alone time is rare!  One day a week my mother in law has Anna whilst the bigger two are at school. So here I am, child free, dishes done, warm tea in hand with radio in the back ground, typing away…bliss! 
Hi de hi Campers, it has been far too long, life has somehow, as it does, got in the way of blogging, but finally Richard has treated Little Winnick to a shiny new laptop so the cyber world is my oyster and I can share away with you – so hello, welcome back and let the fun and adventures begin.