Rainy Days post Covid

Okay, so today the weather is a little interesting.  Strong winds and showers with the odd bit of sun thrown in for good measure, with winds set to get VERY strong.  Not the ideal holiday weather.  However, we can moan and groan or we can embrace it and make the most of it and dress accordingly. 

The Full Story:

So, first things first, let’s talk about Little Winnick.  After weeks of a heat wave our heavy clay soil is baked dry, it is literally solid. Now we have had monsoon rains over night  and as a result we have sitting water.  This will go very quickly, in fact you can hear it seeping through the solid clay now the rains have eased.  But the moral of this story, is be prepared , pitch expecting the worse and consider where rain may sit for whatever the weather throws at you.  Rain sits on Cornish clay and you will get big puddles in or around your pitch.  We charge no extra for this water feature, but ask, instead for you to be patient and wait for the rains to ease.

What can you do in the rain?  To be honest, this is harder than normal as a lot of our go to places are closed or pre book only;  here are my thoughts on making the most of damp and windy days:

  1. Bodyboard or surf on the south coast.  The waves right now at Pentewan are insane.  I am gutted I am working!!  Head to the beach, slap on the wetsuit and experience the power of nature (all with safety in mind of course!).  This is what making holiday memories is all about.
  2. Pack a flask and explore one of the many woodland valleys.  I am a bit of a flask hoarder, I think at last count I had 7; in fact  I could fill a whole blog about the virtues of different flasks.  Recently I inherited my Nanny and Grandad’s old Stanley flask, I like to take it on adventures and think of them as I have a warming cup of tea.  We are so lucky to have some stunning woods locally, with our favourite, The Kingswood right on our doorstep.  The trees offer a natural canopy and shelter from the elements.   The Kingswood is just across the river, or 10 minutes away by car there is Luxulyan Valley check the route you would like to take before you get there as there is no phone signal, or for a hidden gem head to Sanctuary Wood on the edge of Gorran Haven and walk down the valley to Portmellon.
  3. Have a carpet picnic and play some games or read some books together.  Head to Lobbs Farm Shop, grab a piece of their epic ham and egg pie or one of their huge scotch eggs, along with many more nibbly treats and set up a picnic on the floor of your tent, caravan or motorhome.  If you are feeling lazy the easy option here is to order in a Dominio’s instead!
  4. Head out for breakfast.  We might have mentioned before that our favourite haunt is Dabara Bakery.  There new cafe is amazing and offers a great breakfast menu – a real treat to start the day.
  5. A little bit of a hidDen gem is the look out hut at Caerhays Beach.  Head down to the beach, but go past the car park and up the other side of the valley.  Park in the first layby on the left and walk out to the hut on the headland.  This little hut offers shelter and is one of our favourite places to watch the rough seas whilst cooking bacon sandwiches in the dry!!


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