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Hi-de-hi Campers – the 2018 season is well and truly underway and we are very pleased to be welcoming new and returning guests back to our little slice of heaven.  Now to be fair, it didn’t look that heavenly over Easter – the wild, wet weather left us battered and bruised.
I think when you have children you get a whole new perspective of time; everything flashes past at break neck speed, yet sometimes a day can feel like a lifetime.  This is also true of running a camp site – and in many ways it is your baby, watching it grow into its full potential.
Last night we were lucky enough to witness  a pretty spectacular shooting star display down on the beach.  We could have been anywhere in the world.  It was warm, the food was amazing, the drinks were flowing.
According to one guest Little Winnick performs a bit of ‘magic’ on children!  As a family returned for their second stay of the year their youngest learnt to ride her bike, after her sister did the same a month earlier.  
Here at Little Winnick we have two young daughters who are at the heart of everything we do at home, and over the last winter we spent an awful lot of time thinking about how we could instill these values into Little Winnick even more…
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