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With Father’s Day just around the corner and my Dad coming to stay for not only Father’s Day but also his birthday (that’s going to cost me!) I have been thinking a lot about Dad’s. Richard and I are lucky to both have amazing Dad’s; both of whom in their own unique ways have helped us get to where we are and become who we are…
As we are hit by yet more strong winds and rain I lose track of what storm is about to batter us next! But when the world is rough outside, there’s one thing sure to brighten my day – a good hot chocolate…
hot choc
I think when you have children you get a whole new perspective of time; everything flashes past at break neck speed, yet sometimes a day can feel like a lifetime.  This is also true of running a camp site – and in many ways it is your baby, watching it grow into its full potential.
According to one guest Little Winnick performs a bit of ‘magic’ on children!  As a family returned for their second stay of the year their youngest learnt to ride her bike, after her sister did the same a month earlier.  
Did you see us on the BBC news and quoted in papers as far away as Chicago?  A very random day led to us bumping into Boris Johnson and his ‘Battle Bus’. On our day off we were on an adventure to see if they were still filming for the BBC drama Taboo in Charlestown, we turned the corner and parked in a small lane was a big red bus…