Apologies I have not blogged for a few weeks we have been busy having a baby! As excuses go I think that is quite a good one.  Our newest family member, Anna Poppy Clemo, was born on Tuesday 10th January, weighing in a 9lb 40z.  The rather speedy delivery meant Richard was home in time again to do the school run.  Our two other daughters are absolutely in love with her and proper little ‘helpers’.  How much they help or hinder is up for debate but it does melt my heart watching them dote over her and attempt to stop her crying by putting their nose in her mouth etc…funny but not ever so helpful!

The arrival of Anna has influenced this weeks blog as I  attempt to do anything with a baby, it is hard work but there is still a burning desire to do the things you used to, especially when you have other children to consider.  We ourselves used the quiet time after her birth to plan our holidays.  Baby(ies) shouldn’t stop you holidaying, they should help you make new, special memories together.  So why not plan a camping trip with your little one(s).  I think the key ingredients to any good baby places are:

  1. Cake.  Cake is an essential part of daily life with a new born.  I have a couple of slices a day to keep up my energy levels up for feeding (that’s my lame excuse anyway).
  2. Coffee.
    After three children we now refuse to talk about sleep.  If is bad everyone has an opinion about what you should do to make it better and if it is good then when we talk about it usually goes bad that night.  So now our stock phrase is ‘It’s as good as you can expect with a new born’.  But coffee does feature quite highly on my wish list…
  3. Fresh air.  Our other two go a little crazy if they don’t get outside and fres hair always helps with newborn sleep.
  4. A car journey.  Usually aids sleep either for me or baby
  5. Easy.  Stress levels need to be kept to a minimum and as much fun as possible must be had.

With those ingredients in mind our top 5 baby friendly things to do are:

Breakfast at Griggs – I judge a place by it’s pancakes and yesterdays were pretty good.  The large cafe is brilliant for not having to squeeze in a pushchair and the comfy chairs are great for feeding.  The cakes are handmade by a very talented friend and are worth a trip for alone.  Without doubt the best Millionaires Shortbread in Cornwall, perhaps even the best I

have ever had and I have tasted a lot.  Afterwards head over to the main shop for a look around the good selection of clothes upstairs whilst toddlers enjoy the Brio Train Table.

Walk the trail – the Pentewan Cycle Trail runs directly outside the Little Winnick, so why not take a stroll?  The flat trail is pushchair friendly and the short walk to Pentewan is worth it when you reward yourself from the cafes and pub in the small village.  There is a lovely play area on the beach for toddlers and older children to enjoy.

Trevaskis Farm – a bit of a drive, this farm offers a huge amount.  There is fruit picking, animals, often piglets and lambs, farm trails and the most amazing cafe that offers puddings like you used to get in the 80’s.  Honestly, just give it a go, making sure you save room for pudding and you will understand what I mean!

The Cornwall – this is one for the Mum’s.  Ever since I gave birth I have a real craving for a massage, and you know what, I think I deserve it! So why not leave the child(ren) with Dad and book into the Spa just up the road for a little bit of you time.  You deserve it.

Visit Mevagissey – sometimes you don’t want to go far with a baby, but you do need a change of scenery, so why not pop down to Mevagissey.  Anna had her first pub visit here at 2 weeks old, enjoying the offerings of the Sharks Fin.  The large pub is family friendly and over looks the pretty little harbor, the food is ok, not top of the range, but well priced with a large menu.  It is a nice village for a little stroll, and even boasts a Fat Face now.