Today’s blog is to encourage you to book the holiday you long for no matter what your worries.  Just do it…it will all work out.  The reason for this blind optimism?  Well we are just back from our winter holiday.   We ambitiously (some I suspect thought foolishly) planned an adventure with our three young daughters to France; a weeks stay in Village Nature – the French version of Center Parcs with a day trip to Disney.  Followed by a train adventure across France to Geneva to stay with friends.


When we announced our plans there were the sceptics in the room who wondered why we would want to travel so much with three little ones, in fact up until it all actually happened I was one of our biggest doubters.  But you know what – it worked and not only did it work we had the most magically family time together and managed to find the Holy Grail – a holiday that suits everyone.

Richard and I used to travel pre children, we used to pop off for various long weekend city breaks so when we started to plan this holiday and were sat in a hot stuffy travel agent presented with various ‘all-inclusive’ options we were not inspired.  So we started to hatch the travel plan, keeping it as safe and easy as we could with three little ones, one big suitcase and a pushchair.  But we got that excitement we used to have researching various destinations, planning our itinerary and planning our adventures.

As  with all good adventures we had a few tiny hick ups.  Perhaps my lowest point was when I thought I had lost Anna at the airport – it took me a day to stop feeling sick.  The super speedy crawler somehow got under a chair and didn’t re appear for a very long time…any parent will know how this feels.  And then there was the train travel.  Part one, Paris to Lyon was amazing on the TGV reserved seats and very laid back.  Lyon to Geneva however was standing room only which was interesting to say the least!  We made it though and thankfully the wine is very cheap!

The hiccups were far out weighed by the precious moments I will never forget: Bethany’s face when she saw the Princess Castle at Disney, the giggling from Anna when her sisters played with her in the most amazing soft play, the slides that the girls made me go down and their excitement that I was climbing with them, the snow, oh the snow, building our first snowman, learning to throw snowballs, going sledging, Anna clawing at the doors to get back out in the snow when she was brought in ‘blue’ she loved it so much, the excitement of travelling and most importantly just time together.

So the moral of the story is plan it and do it.  Don’t be afraid of what your children might be like, don’t over think the journey, ignore the weather and forget what the doubters will think.  Plan an adventure for the family and have the most wonderful time, because lets face it we all grow up far too fast.  Now obviously I am wholeheartedly going to encourage you plan that adventure exploring Cornwall.  In fact our picnic is packed ready for our own little tomorrow.  Spring is just around the Cornwall and a wonderful time to explore Cornwall; the skies are big, the days warm and flowers in bloom.  We open on 31st March so head on down.