Camp Wild(ish)

Guests are what makes our world go round and every now again one walks into reception that lightens up your day and you remember for a long time.  Tonight that has happened again.  A lone gentleman over from Australia, researching his family tree, travelling around on a bike…
camp wild

The Full Story:

Yes! A bike in a little damp, a little windy April, not something I would try myself.  But his drive to find his family history and meet people along the way was humbling.  His attitude to hills (‘oh well I have seen worse in the South Hams’), to the narrow roads (‘I have been on smaller’), on everything was true positively.  His setting foot in reception has given me more drive and certainly, our two new ventures for 2016 will be a success.  As he was naming the families he was connected to I was a little disappointed we were not related.  However I shall not forget him any time soon, funny how people can have such a powerful effect without even realising it.

So on to our two new, and very exciting projects for 2016.

Camp Wild(ish) and Camp Craft…I really hope you can come and have some fun with us!

Jess and I have been busy willow planting down in the meadow – so far we have the start of a tunnel and a den, lets just hope it grows!


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