We hope you find the information below helpful, but if you have any questions or queries, please speak to us:

Are we open?

We have not opened for the seaon yet, please do not call us to see if this has changed,  it has not.

What are you doing?

We have been championing small businesses to Malcolm Bell, head of Visit Cornwall, and as a result Little Winnick have been, and continue to be part of a task force brought together to help all areas of the tourism business in Cornwall.  We now meet daily.  We can assure everyone, at every level is working as hard as we can for you, your families, our families and our staff.  Never before have we seen a want to get through anything as much as this.

What if I have a booking but you are not open?

We are happy to transfer payments you have made to bookings unable to happen during lockdown to future bookings.

Can I still book?

Yes!  Please book for the future and for 2021.

Is everyone at Little Winnick okay?

Thank you for all your kind wishes, we are all okay at the moment.  We are utterly devastated to not be open.  When we say ‘we’, we are a husband and wife team, with our three daughters and our wardens Susan and Chris.  This is our life, our passion, our everything and it is falling apart in front of us, we are utterly devastated, as we know everyone is across the country.  But we will rebuild, and with your support we will be here as soon as we can to offer you the holidays we are famous for.

How can you help us?

Book.  Simple.  We have massive bills that are there whether we open or not.  Please book for the future.  We will be launching an offer for 2021 and will be extending the season.

What about the future?

We are hopeful, but just like you, we wait patiently for guidence from the Government.

In the meantime, we will keep sharing Cornwall with you to help you stay in touch.  Please don’t sit at home worrying, if you have any questions for us, please do get in touch. xx