Eden – worth a visit?

Every week we take an adventure somewhere with the hope of providing you with some useful tips and information in order to help you plan your visit.  This week we went to The Eden Project.  A short drive from Little Winnick, and accessible on the bus it is up there on most peoples list of things to do in when visiting…
eden project

The Full Story:

The huge reclaimed quarry is the brainchild of Tim Smit, also the man behind Heligan (his book is worth a read).  The Eden Project is huge, and unlike most people assume, as much outdoors as indoors – it is not a wet weather place.

The huge family-friendly day out consists of two ‘Biomes’, one Mediterranean the other a rain forest, the Core building with a nice size soft play, and oodles of different gardens to explore and escape in.  Don’t make the mistake many do of heading to the two Biomes and thinking this is it.  Make the effort to explore the outside – it is worth it.

PROS: It is huge and you can be there all day.  It is very accessible with excellent disabled and baby facilities.  There is always activities going on that are very well thought out for children of all ages and abilities.  During our visit, in term time we experienced the magical story teller, she is excellent. The food is good, but pricey and busy.

CONS: It is an expensive day out.  Try and find a voucher or use Tesco vouchers to get in.  It gets seriously busy, especially on a rainy day in the holidays.  Go early, when it opens or late in the afternoon to avoid too many people.  Take a picnic if you don’t like queuing for your food.

TIP: Head out of the Core building, taking the lift to the bridge.  Up there is a sheltered picnic area with a lovely play area.  Even on the busiest day we have found somewhere to seat and the children love playing and exploring the space.

Back to work, Little Winnick has experienced a mixed bag of weather this week – safe to say April showers have been about.  That said when the sun has been out it has been glorious.  Today, I had a very bad day, long story but I managed to get a flat battery in the car and had to go for a drive to recharge it before preschool drop off so I ended up here.  When in Cornwall with no lunch what do you do? Cook bacon butties on the camping stove!!  Random, unplanned, but lovely.  The girls and I have a new toy you see – a Kelly Kettle.  The best toy ever if you like fire and like making food.  So we set up camp and cooked our lunch in the glorious sun.  What could be better?

We have been working hard around the park, our father in law has been busy building a new grass and compost compound in the wildflower meadow and we have lots of new bird feeders up all over the park hoping to attract some more feathered friends.


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