Family Fun for Family Funds

You would think the novelty of camping would have worn off our children spending every day at a campsite.  But no.  They are so excited about our 2016 camping adventures – all of which I suspect will take place right here at Little Winnick Touring Park…

The Full Story:

And why not?  I brought us a Cabanon tent this week (which anyone who likes tents will know is a great traditional make) for the bargain price of £40 off Gumtree – I am chuffed to bits and got the girls their first-ever sleeping bags.  They spent all of yesterday under our dining table pretending to camp!

I am a firm believer that memories made in a night of family camping will last a lifetime.  Jess still talks about the sausages we cooked while camping last year and how we shared our bed and had to snuggle to keep warm.  To me, camping is about making family memories.  So we have decided that we are focusing on helping you make memories with us.

Camp Wild(ish) – mentioned last week, which I am so excited about.  The wild camp in our wildflower meadow is a three-day event with family outdoor sessions led by qualified Forest School Leaders with a campfire at the heart of the event.  For only £60 families can enjoy the wilderness but with the comforts of toilets nearby!

Family Fun for Family Funds – this is a little project aimed at families with TR and PL postcodes (sorry if you don’t have this postcode).  But we want to give you the confidence to get back camping.  So we are offering families with a TR or PL postcode ‘Buy One Night Camping, Get One Free’ at weekends throughout April and May, with late check out to help have a fantastic weekend.

Give us a call or drop an email to for either offers.

Here at Little Winnick things are quiet.  We keep hoping the weather is on the turn and when it is warm, it is really warm, the old shorts have even come out!  Last week we spent a lovely day at Newquay Zoo for Bethany’s 2nd birthday.  The small zoo is great for younger children as it is not too big but has a good selection of animals and a lovely play area.  We had lunch there and it is really good value for money and nice home-cooked food.  You have to pay to park in a council car park outside which is a little pricey but you can return to the zoo for 7 days after your first visit so if you like it you could pop back again.

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