Festive and Full

Happy Festive time to you all.  If you are anything like us you will be full to the bream right now.  I made a Christmas cake and I am the only one who eats it in this house so each day I have to have my one slice.  It might be available to guests checking in come April at this rate!

The Full Story:

With two young children, it has been a very magical time for us. Excitement levels have been high as the girls awaited Father Christmas. Thankfully he delivered the requested gifts.  Jessica asked for a ‘big girls bike, racing cars and roller skates’ and Bethany hoped for, in her own words a ‘double pushchair with wheels, two dollies and a yo-yo’.

As a result of the bike, we have been spending time at Little Winnick attempting to learn how to ride it whilst breaking Richard’s back in the process.  The roller skates have been kept indoors to avoid any trips to the hospital…it is only a matter of time!  Whilst down at Little Winnick we have been keeping a keen eye on the winter work that is happening.  Over recent weeks the ditches along our boundaries have been cleaned out, not a glamorous job, but one of those things that had to be done.  As type Richard is hard at work putting the fence panels back on that came down so the digger could access all areas.

Ditches don’t excite me that much but the little project we have going on where the swimming pool was does. Right now the pool is finally being filled in.  Many guests ask us if and when we will reinstate it, but to be frank it is in the wrong place and would cost a huge amount of money to cover and put right after being neglected for years by previous owners.  So instead it is being turned into something quite special…details will follow in due course, but let’s just say I am very excited about working with a team of great people to offer guests a nice new area.

It is not all work and no play for us.  At this time of year, we spend some much-needed time together as a family.  So much so we have our ‘Friday Lunch Club’.  It is a bit of fun where once a week, usually on Friday we go and sample different Cornish food options.  This week we have had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened at the Cornucopia, St Austell Business Park – where Par Market World is.  It is a different offering from the well-established and much-loved Cornish family brand of Sam’s.  We tried out the breakfast menu with the girls and I have to say it was fantastic, and very welcoming for children too.  The laid-back atmosphere coupled with bottomless cups of coffee was a nice touch, meaning we will be returning very soon to sample more of the menu! I really like the healthy menu, a very clever touch for those of us watching our waistlines from 1st January…

For more information on our family campsite in Pentewan,  St Austell please give us a call on 01726 843687 or email mail@littlewinnick.co.uk

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