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So today is the 1st August and it is raining.  It is only meant to be full on rain today then odd showers this week.  But guess what our main topic of conversation is this morning – the weather.
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So today is the 1st August and it is raining.  It is only meant to be full on rain today then odd showers this week.  But guess what our main topic of conversation is this morning – the weather.  On Saturday it was too hot for some guests, today it is a little too damp for others!  In the wet weather many people decide to head to The Eden Project as they assume it is all undercover.  WRONG.  Only about 1/3 is inside.  The rest is beautiful and interesting gardens around the large site, and no matter what, there is a bit of a walk from the car park to the entrance so you will get wet there, and most of Cornwall’s other tourists will also have the same idea so it will be seriously, seriously busy.

So to help you make the most of a damp day here are some suggestions to hopefully avoid the masses, but enjoy Cornwall come rain or shine.

  1. Shipwreck Centre – Charlestown: This quirky old fashioned museum is an interesting day out for young old, and after a visit enjoy lunch in the Rashleigh.
  2. Maritine Museum – Falmouth: we took the train to Falmouth from St Austell the other day, £12 return for two adults (the children were free) then went to the Maritime Museum.  The interesting, hands on displays makes for a full day for all.
  3. Train to St Ives from St Austell.  About an hour and a half this train journey will treat you to some of the most scenic views across Cornwall.  With a change at St Erith make sure you get your connections right to avoid a long wait.  But if it is raining here it is normally brighter down west!
  4. Lunch at Lewinnick Lodge, Newquay.  There is something quite lovely about watching the waves crashing and at Lewinnick Lodge you can do that tucked up on the top of the cliffs whilst enjoying excellent food.
  5. Puddle jumping in the woods, Pentewan Trail.  The Cornish have a saying ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes’.  So embrace a little bit of damp weather, put on your wellies and go for a jump in puddles.  Our showers are lovely and warm so you you will get nice and refreshed when you get back!
  6. St Austell Cinema – Town Centre.  A lovely modern cinema in the heart of St Austell.
  7. Bus into Mevagissey, with fish and chip lunch at The Fountain Inn,  Catch the bus from outside reception and then nestle into the Fountain Inn for a proper local pub and some of the best fish and chips around.
  8. Blue Reef Aquarium – Newquay.  A great family day out.
  9. Wentford and Bodmin Steam Railway, Bodmin.  A brilliant steam train that takes you through the valley.  What’s more magical than a lovely ride on a steam train?
  10. Take a drive.  Anyway.  Cornwall has some of the most stunning scenery both inland and around the coast.  It is easy to miss it as you are heading to your pre decided tourist attraction.  So ditch the SatNav, dig out the map and have an explore.  The Lizard is like time has forgot with all the old produce stalls locals have lovingly grown or prepared, the West is stunning and the North has dramatic coasts.  Hunt out the little hidden gem cafes, be brave, who knows where your adventure may take you.

As for news on site, we are busy. Full most nights, with just a splattering of odd nights here and there free.  It is fantastic, but means I have no idea what day of the week it is let alone what date it is and I spend my days longing for bacon sandwiches as that is all you can smell in the morning.  (I am not fussy, I will take it however it comes, if you would like to deliver a bacon sandwich to reception for me!)  Wedensday we have the day off – it is our oldest’s 4th birthday.  She is growing up too fast and starts school in September.  So we are off for the day on an adventure.  I will let you know what we end up doing but I suspect some sort of train adventure is on the cards.

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