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The best Easter we have known with wall to wall sunshine, beautiful dry pitches, and not a soul to enjoy them! Wherever you are, we hope you are safe, happy and well. We hope you are not too lonely and avoiding cabin fever too much.

The Full Story:

– soon you will be able to be out touring again, very soon!

Here at Little Winnick we have been touched by the many phone calls and emails, often just to see how we are or to offer to pay balances early to help us through these extraordinary times. Every call, email and kind gesture touches us deeply, and we are so very grateful you are part of Little Winnick.
I thought, with so many of you in contact I would share with you what things are like for us. I know I share lots of lovely pictures of Cornwall – but what is our lockdown actually like for us and our family?#

When you call us, our phones are now directed to our home – it is often noisy and mad as the girls become more feral by the day! We don’t live at Little Winnick. In September 2019, we finally got the keys to our home. As you will probably know, we spent last summer in a 10ft wide static caravan having sold our home earlier in the year. So I feel rather fortunate that we are getting this exceptional amount of time together in our new home, watching everything blossom and bud for the first time. Richard has even been spotted with a spade in his hand digging me a veggie patch and tackling our exploding borders.

I have become a bit obsessed with the garden. Once upon a time someone obviously loved it, but it has been let go over many years. On Friday I discovered lots of little walls edging the beds. No pictures I take do it justice, but I have spent hours and hours digging out these little walls!! Richard likes me doing it as it means I am not on the internet researching the next project!#We have also spent a lot of time in the green house and garden. I love growing our own vegetables and am so pleased to have made space to try and grow a few things – although on our heavy clay soil I am not too sure what I will grow! It seems right to be gardening all the time at the moment, as two weeks ago my dear Grandad died. I spent hours as a child in his greenhouse, and recently re homes his watering can and tools. Each night I water everything I think of dear Grandad, who sadly will not the funeral he deserved due to lockdown.

We have fallen into the pattern of morning home school having turned our Airbnb room into a specific room so I can contain the mess. To be fair I am ready to stop by ‘Pop Master’! It is tough, it is really tough with each wanting to learn in a different way and at a different pace – I am not trained for this and am muddling through it. And throw Anna into the mix who just wants to destruct everything we construct! We are kind of learning by ‘doing’ rather than by teaching. The girls loved making their ‘eggs’ which have taken hours and hours from the papier mache to the painting. I have also set a letter writing club for their classes so each week we write to someone different, which uses up a good morning once we have posted the letter too! Each day there is some cooking. Bethany made some excellent baguettes; Jess is perfecting her coffee cake and today she is making us frittata for lunch. They have been various forms of a campsite, barbecues, homemade pizzas, videos, face painting, exercise videos, art and crafts and much much more.

Two keys things have helped is that Jess has discovered she likes tidying her room – a massive change to the room. And secondly, I have discovered it is okay to have a glass of wine with lunch 😊.

The new house is right on the South West Coastal Path so thankfully our daily walk has taken us on some adventures and even allowed us to make it to a beach. It was such a treat, but more on that next time.

As for Little Winnick, Richard is keeping on top of the grass and dealing with all the enquires.  It is a never ending task in the warm weather.
For all the latest information about Little Winnick and Corona then please do look at our frequently asked questions.

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