Outdoor fun – pizzas and park runs

Let’s talk about the blue skies and the amazingly amazing sun that finally blessed us with its warmth.  I laughed at myself as with this tiny bit of sun I insisted we spent the whole day in our garden despite the fact it was freezing; we cooked lunch outdoors on the fire pit, making our friends huddle around the fire and drink gallons of tea to keep warm. 

The Full Story:

Followed by the maiden voyage of what can only be described as the best piece of outdoor cooking kit I have ever had the pleasure to use.  Our Ooni pizza oven is an utter joy; not only does it look pretty sexy it is a fiery, fierce piece of kit; cooking the best pizzas we have ever had in less than 60 seconds.

We are not pizza oven virgins, in our old house we built our own oven and then proceeded to over heat it and blow it up (I love a fire), there are lots of ‘must have’ bits of kit out there and you could spend a fortune on all the must have crap to enjoy the great outsdoors, but the Ooni is something very, very special.  Designed to look good and cook efficently it is well worth it’s slightly heffty price tack.  I think the proof is very much in the eating, and tonight the girls asked for pizzas for tea for the 2nd night in a row….result!

Continuing the theme of this years blogs of free things to do, this weekend I recomend the Junior Park Run to you.  The Par Tack Junior Park Run is brilliant, free and so much fun and children can do it for the first time, or can come along if you normally run else where.  The 2km run is not a race, it is timed, but it is purely designed to get yuong people out.  This morning we did just that.  Jess and I headed down to the frosty track and made the most of the glorious start to the day.  After she did all the hard work we enjoyed a hot chocolate and coffee in the brilliant cafe which is open 8am – 8pm offering an excellent selection for the whole family.  It really is worth getting up and out for and the track is a brilliant base for all the family – but more of that when it is not so frosty and I can get you some better piccies.

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