Sun is here

We are actually away visiting family in Norfolk at the moment and I rather optimistically brought the girls their first pair of shorts of the year today.  As my mother told me ‘you have to get them when you see them’ but I think by any standard I am deluding myself that we will get to wear them soon!

The Full Story:

Cornwall is making the news right now for Storm Imogen who is battering the coast line, there are some stunning pictures across the internet at the moment.  The Pentewan Valley where we are situated has been on a high flood alert but as we are considerably higher than the river we are all fine thankfully but our thoughts are very much with those not so lucky.

On the whole, like the rest of the country, Cornwall has been very wet and windy this winter.  Thankfully we built the toilet block last year in a dry winter!  My theory remains though that a wet winter means a dry summer…lets hope I am right (there will be no money back guarantee on this theory!!).

Despite my groanings about the weather things are notably on the turn in Cornwall; the days are getting longer and at times warmer, the trees are budding up and there are lambs in the fields.  We even have a spring in our step.  With the opening of Little Winnick less that 6 weeks away we are starting to think about what the year ahead holds and what work we have to do before opening.

We are often get asked what we do in the winter.  This year I think it is fair to say we have had a well earned rest.  Richard is still working every day as he deals with all the back office running of our other campsite and his parents cottages.  We are also processing bookings on a daily basis and working on various little projects (I will keep you posted on these but safe to say I am very excited about a few events we are planning in the summer!).  But we are generally spending time together as a family and getting our own house in order before we are back to working weekend and one day off a week – which we love, but it is nice enjoying the odd lay in together as a family!

As our family gets a little bit older I am certain you will see more of the girls and I this summer.  Jessica is most excited about getting her first official work t-shirt.  Last year she had one with an ice cream on but she has decided she needs one like Mummy and Daddy this year.  Jessica is also planning many camping trips for us – apparently all at Little Winnick (well I have heard it is very nice!).  I am currently trying to convince Richard in order to pitch the tent by myself as he will be working I ‘need’ a Bell Tent.  If anyone can help me convince him it is essential I get one then please do get in touch.  I am particularly keen to hear from people who erect them by themselves- is it doable?  And so people recommend a 5m or a 4m one?    Answers on a post card or via email!

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