Sunshine on a rainy day

“Sunshine on a rainy day – Makes my soul, makes my soul – Trip Trip Trip Away…” And you know what today my heart and soul tripped away as my 15-month-old reminded me that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.
b puddle loving

The Full Story:

She was that little ray of sunshine on a rainy day.  Although she has been walking a good three months she has not seen big puddles (a good indication of how good the weather has been!).  Today she was utterly amazed by the puddles.  I cannot put into words the shear joy and delight she had towards puddles. She started touching them, sitting in them and then jumping in them.  She obtained a small crowd outside reception, as the joy and excitement was infectious.  When do we loose that love of jumping in puddles? Or in fact the love of the rain?  It is, after all, at this time of year warm rain! So with that in mind, I have complied some wet weather ideas for you…just incase you get the odd damp spell during your holidays!

  1. Jump in puddles.  You are NEVER too old to stick on a pair of wellies, or even better take your shoes and socks off and jump in puddles until your hearts content.  Don’t just watch the children – do it yourself.  (there will be a prize for the best picture of puddle jumping during the summer holidays – post them on Facebook)
  2. Forest School Adventures at Cardinham Woods – join Claire and her team for what are brilliant sessions exploring the outdoors, eating scrummy things and developing outdoor skills, all around the campfire.  (we go and these are BRILLIANT!).  The weather will not spoil your fun, the more mud the better.  Daily sessions throughout the school hols.
  3. St Austell Brewery Tour – well worth a visit, all indoors and you get to sample their produce at the end!  Booking is a must as the tours get very busy.
  4. Bodmin and Wentford Railway – Enjoy a ride on a steam train.  Can you beat the smell of a steam train?  If you fancy stretching your legs get off at Bodmin Parkway and walk the old coach road into the grounds of Lanhydrock.
  5. National Maritime Museum – I used to groan at going to museums as a child.  This would have been my idea of heaven though; lots to do, touch, try, experiment with and learn.  A really interactive place for young and old, situated in the vibrant town of Falmouth, also well worth a visit,
  6. Mevagissey to Fowey Ferry – we went on the ferry on a glorious day and got soaked from the sea spray so logically you might as well go on it in the rain and you will not notice the spray.  Treat yourself to lunch at Sam’s – the burgers are brilliant.
  7. Multi Activity Days – 8-14 years old – Polkyth Leisure Centre – a fun day of activities from swimming to tag darts – sounds like great fun.
  8. Kidsworld – a huge indoor play centre in Par, it has a skytrail, climbing wall, dodgems, indoor play, sand and water play and a treehouse scramble.
  9. Take a bus trip – bus no. 24 stops right outside the park, so why not take a trip to St Austell Bus & Train Station where you can access connections across the county.  You can purchase a weeks bus ticket for unlimited travel for £25, which works out £3.57 per day to roam around the county.
  10. Drive to the other coast.  More often than not, if it is raining here then the North coast will be basked in sunshine.  Each valley seems to have it’s own micros climate so go for an explore and hunt out the sun.  Or just stay put and puddle jump!
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