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Today Richard and I ate the nicest burger we have had in a very long time.  It was the bite size and free, but it was delicious.  You see today I have been at one of the highlights of my working year – the ExpoWest – where all the best food producers and suppliers come together under one roof to showcase what Cornwall has to offer…

The Full Story:

It always involves a great deal of tasting and chatting.  Today not only was the burger a highlight but so too were Georgie Porgie Puddings, which I am pretty certain will be featuring in the shop this year.  We are a family-run park, and as a result the children are involved in most of what we do.  Today we had princess Elsa (pictured) in tow along with her sister.  We certainly turned some heads and got given some lovely treats to keep the young princess full up until tea.  She thought all her Christmases had come at once with so many pasties and ice creams being thrust at her!

For this week’s blog I decided to look at the top five burgers in Cornwall.  We are lucky enough to be eating out regularly at the moment – let me explain why.  This year Richard will be celebrating a rather significant milestone birthday.  He has mentioned about going away.  I knew this would be impossible as a) his birthday is peak season and b) who would babysit 3 children?!  So instead I plotted a plan of a different kind.  I like plotting. Once a month, on the 4th or as close as I can get it (as he was born on the 4th July) throughout 2017 we are going out for food.  He doesn’t know where we are going, he just gets a clue on the 4th and has to work it out.  So far this has included Chiquito in January.  Granted this is not Cornish or that special; however at 39 weeks pregnant and next to the hospital it seemed like the most sensible option – and to be fair the food was fantastic and the service was exceptional.  February was The Beach Hut at Watergate Bay and this month was Sam’s Diner.

When I first met Richard he sold me a dream of Cornish life; he told me about the beaches and the lifestyle but he also told me about this little burger place that was amazing. That place was Sam’s and since then the local business has gone from strength to strength with various outlets; but their burgers remain our favourite.  A bit like how I judge a place on its hot chocolate and millionaires shortbread Richard judges it on its burger – so here is his top five:

  1. Sam’s Fowey – a cool, funky fish and burger restaurant you are in for a treat.  Their homemade burgers come in various shapes and sizes and are delicious.  You cannot book, but the relaxed atmosphere means a wait flies by.  It is exceptionally child-friendly, with homemade food for small diners of the highest quality.
  2. The Hub Box – located on Pentewan Beach this beach bar/cafe not only has amazing burgers but also has stunning views.  The milkshakes are some of the best around too.
  3. The Longstore – A delicious burger, with crunchy chips and homemade sides.  The views out over Charlestown are pretty good too.
  4. Blas Burger Works, St Ives – a truly lovely burger with local produce and interesting flavours.  For an extra special day catch the train down there and enjoy the stunning scenery from the trainline.
  5. Kittows Burgers – as we know the sun is nearly always out down here.  So grab some burgers from our shop, supplied by the lovely local Kittow Butchers and relax with a cider in hand.  What could be better?

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