As we celebrate the longest day today, and the rumor of a huge heat wave next week we are so looking forward to this summer and the utterly fantastic people we have coming to serve you food and drinks throughout the week.  So, in no particular order here is what you have to look forward to over the summer:

  1. The Little Dutch Pancake Co. Our friend and pancake specialist Ellen will be joining us on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.  The problem I have with the pancakes is the children like them too much – when will they learn I don’t like sharing food?
  2. BeetleJuice SW will be bringing Ellie the Cocktail van.  Need I say anything else about this other than I will see you there every Tuesday!
  3. Slice Pizza returning for their Wednesday evening slot, offering their ever popular choice of freshly cooked pizzas.
  4. Mevagissey Bay Fresh Fish – is there anything better than a mackerel on the barbie caught earlier that day?  Seriously fresh and seriously good fish here on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  5. And finally, Rich’s brilliant Dubcafe, serving some of the best coffee I had in a long time.  Bring your own cup to save on the waste and collect loyalty stamps throughout your stay – Dubcafe is with us throughout the week.