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Let’s talk about the blue skies and the amazingly amazing sun that finally blessed us with its warmth.  I laughed at myself as with this tiny bit of sun I insisted we spent the whole day in our garden despite the fact it was freezing; we cooked lunch outdoors on the fire pit, making our friends huddle around the fire and drink gallons of tea to keep warm. 
Wow, it is hot and lovely with clear blue skies and long, long barmy evenings – and we love it.  I should warn you we have a weather swear box in reception – so if you moan it is now too hot you will be asked to make a donation to the charity box!
I think when you have children you get a whole new perspective of time; everything flashes past at break neck speed, yet sometimes a day can feel like a lifetime.  This is also true of running a camp site – and in many ways it is your baby, watching it grow into its full potential.
When in Cornwall it is without doubt rude not to try a pasty…or two.  We take great pride in trying to find the best pasty of them all, and this week with friends visiting we sent them off with one soul aim; to bring us home an ‘Ann’s Pasty’ from the Lizard.  
According to one guest Little Winnick performs a bit of ‘magic’ on children!  As a family returned for their second stay of the year their youngest learnt to ride her bike, after her sister did the same a month earlier.  
Here at Little Winnick we have two young daughters who are at the heart of everything we do at home, and over the last winter we spent an awful lot of time thinking about how we could instill these values into Little Winnick even more…
camp wild-ish
People are funny old things.  Today after months of people telling us it is too cold, or it is too wet, or too cloudy I was taken aback to hear it is now too hot!  To be fair it has been baking and everyone who walked through the door had a pinkish glow to them…
bank holiday camping
Did you see us on the BBC news and quoted in papers as far away as Chicago?  A very random day led to us bumping into Boris Johnson and his ‘Battle Bus’. On our day off we were on an adventure to see if they were still filming for the BBC drama Taboo in Charlestown, we turned the corner and parked in a small lane was a big red bus…
Things are hotting up in Cornwall in more ways than one with stunning weather and a rather lovely famous actor filming in Charlestown.  This week we have been bathed in wall to wall sunshine.  Yesterday we were cooking in the garden late into the evening. I am hopeful we have turned the corner and spring is truly here.